National Reading Plan


The main objective of the National Reading Plan is to raise the level of literacy of the Portuguese people and to place the country on a par with its European partners.

This is a Government initiative, under the joint responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and it has been given political priority.

It is aimed at creating the conditions for the Portuguese people to achieve reading levels in which they feel that they are fully capable of deal with written words, under any circumstances of life, and can interpret the information made available by the media, access scientific knowledge and enjoy the great novels of Literature.

 A national goal

The impact of the National Reading Plan will be even more significant, in that it was considered a national goal. Similarly to what has happened in countries which have launched comparable projects, success will depend upon the participation of each and every individual.

In addition to the programs to promote reading which have been launched within the context of the Plan, it is hoped that multiple and various initiatives will appear spontaneously, with a local, regional and national scope, carried out by civil society organisations, professionals and volunteers.

If responsibility is taken on collectively, the country will be led to a higher level in a faster and better way.